Author Topic: UK to be second weakest performer of world’s big economies next year – OECD  (Read 1299 times)


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It  would be interesting to know the real split of causes.

The article does suggest that as everyone else has gas and a pandemic to get over, the big culprit was Truss. But they seem to ignore Brexit.  Is that because its a none deal now?  I very much doubt it.  I know several markets (Fish is one) that are still reeling from Brexit (Sorry, pun intended)

Germany is hit hard, which I guess is as they say the gas supply, so are we really somehow weighted with a similar issue or is that just Germany? If we were should not France have the same issue? I know they have nuclear, but we are also self sufficient for fuel, but its a global market.

I think the article leaves out as much as it says.
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