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Cloudflare Nameservers
« on: October 25, 2018, 01:21:34 PM »
A C&P from what I've posted on a FB group - if you like hiding domains behind cloudflare but want to vary the nameservers a bit, this is useful.

Something possibly useful for you, a list of Cloudflare nameservers. - 436. Quite likely not all of them but a decent chunk. Something interesting I noticed is that their 'add domain / change nameserver' process gives you two specific nameservers to change to, they do this in case there's multiple people trying to add the same domain at the same time. It seems that after verification, you're free to change to any of the other namesevers. I haven't tested over a longer period of time, but it seems useful if not for simple diversity, and saves you creating multiple accounts. YMMV.