Author Topic: Scotland on Track to Hit 100% Renewables This Year  (Read 1512 times)


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Re: Scotland on Track to Hit 100% Renewables This Year
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2020, 04:24:03 PM »
That's impressive. It's almost all what I would call "real" renewables.

Elsewhere in the UK, apparently there is a fair bit of wood burning and that wood is being shipped in from the US - i.e. there are huge fossil fuel inputs in their "renewables." It's kind of BS

Furthermore, wood is not really a renewable in terms of our climate problem. It's renewable on a fairly large scale. Old growth forests sequester more carbon per year than a new growth forest. So when you cut down forest to use as fuel, it can be 40 to 200 years to sequester that carbon again, depending on the type of forest you cut. And since we don't have 100 years to get to net zero (net negative actually), forest biomass is not a good solution.