Author Topic: Amazon now sells more than 1,500 products under its AmazonBasics house brand  (Read 1892 times)


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>>I just ordered a cheap set of Amazon Basics flatwear

I tried some of their Pinzon sheets. Only $38 and they are better than anything else I have tried for under $100.


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Maybe it's just me, but they don't seem to be pushing the basics line.  I have to search for it specifically.
Their real profits come from pushing ads. Apparently billions per quarter now!

In some cases I wonder if the thought process with the house brand stuff is simply to be a fall back to force ad buys by other players in the category, sort of like how Google has the "related questions" styled visual roadblock in the organic results to try to drive attention back upward onto the relevant ads.


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>fall back

That is a good point Aaron.  Also I think Amz low prices on house brand stuff keeps pressure on competitors to keep prices low and sets a certain minimum for quality too.

I'm seeing more Amazon brands in my Amz serps but this could be because I have searched specifically for Amazonbasics several times, clicked on and bought various house brand products recently.

PS: they even have Amazon dish washing liquid now.  Or was it mouthwash?  I forget.