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Hardware & Technology / Re: stick a fork in it; TV is dead
« on: Today at 03:15:02 PM »

Worth a read;

Cord-Cutting Q1 2023: Pay-TV Ops Lose 2.3M Subs, Worst Quarter to Date - Variety


Bee bricks become planning requirement for new buildings in Brighton


Brighton bee bricks initiative may do more harm than good, say scientists | Bees | The Guardian

I'm OK with the frame size but I'd prefer a lower-level trim.  If we had a VW dealership in the area I'd still consider one of the plush models to replace my Dodge van --assuming that it met my range and $ubscription requirements.

Caltech Scientists Beam Space-Based Solar Power to Earth for First Time

"My first university degree was in electrical and electronic engineering, with a subsequent master’s in control systems"

Japan falling birth rate: $38 Billion plan to boost births and avert society’s collapse


Agreed.  Disappointing.

Traffic / Re: Reddit, the beginning of the end.
« on: June 01, 2023, 11:31:55 PM »
Fidelity cuts Reddit valuation by 41% | TechCrunch

old data...

Generally, developing countries only have a few methods of birth contraceptives offered to the public. In developing countries, the most common birth contraception methods include female sterilization (21%) and the IUD (15%). [3]

African countries typically have incredibly low accessibility for every method of birth control. In 1999,

    73% of African countries offered condoms,
    65% offered the pill,
    54% offered IUDs,
    42% female sterilization,
    26% male sterilization.[4]

Birth Contraceptives in Developing Countries


I wonder which types of birth control are impacting 3rd-world countries the most? Condoms, I'm guessing?

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