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Water Cooler / Re: Core RECommit
« on: Today at 01:11:48 AM »
how much of a badass one has to be to do the stuff you do.  I am much too lazy.

Without any false modesty, it looks way more impressive in a forum. When I think of what I was doing at 30 and 40, I would not call it badass, but it did require a really high level of fitness. What I do these days is truly quite modest. As I type this at the end of a gorgeous day where I barely sniffed the outdoors, I must cop to being lazy as well.

And, again without any false modesty, I see everybody here reporting about their time moving heavy weights and I think to myself "Come on! Get on the stick and move some heavy stuff you lazy bum!"

I think one of Theresa's favorite sayings is appropriate: "Never judge your insides by other people's outsides." Not quite the same thing, but I think of how lazy I was today and think of you getting not just yourself but four kids to the gym and I can't help but want to take my hat off.

I did put together a fairly kickass spreadsheet that pulls data from AdWords and Google Analytics. Is that badass?

Now apparently they are killing Costco

Is it necessary to point out that choosing not to patronize a business which, by they way, their great grandparents didn't patronize either, is an interesting definition of "killing."

In other words instead of saying "Costco successfully exploited a basic glitch in the wetware of Boomers, but as Millennials patch that glitch, the Costco business model is faltering" they just say "The outsize and unrestrained Boomer love of wasting hours of every week wandering around cavernous retail spaces is the status quo, the nature of things, the right and just state of the world. Millennials have burned down that just and right world."

The more I read about how bad Millennials are, the less I like Boomers (and technically, I am one).

Water Cooler / Re: Core RECommit
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:18:25 PM »
Got a comment that "she's not old enough to train here"..


Response: "I just want to be sure that when she starts dating seriously she'll be strong enough to kick your a##, so I gotta start early."

Water Cooler / Re: Core RECommit
« on: January 23, 2018, 04:30:45 AM »
I had 4 kids with me in the gym yesterday.

Go dad! What a way to set an example.

Got out on some of the hardest climbs I've been on in forever today (wildly overhanging 5.12 if that means anything to anyone). Much too hard for me, but my neighbor who is half as old and twice as strong did the hard part.

Water Cooler / Re: Core RECommit
« on: January 22, 2018, 03:36:18 PM »
a bike ride, a run (both short, but  steep), a bouldering session. Failed to get in my weight training session due to being lazy.


Acck! Acck!! Moderator alert! I find that offensive.

Water Cooler / Re: Core RECommit
« on: January 19, 2018, 04:46:27 AM »
Branched Chain Amino Acids

The intro on that I linked above says:

three amino acids with similar structures that beneficially influence the muscles. They can be found in any food containing protein, such as eggs or meat. Supplementation is not necessary, but BCAAs may benefit the body if taken at specific times.

One of them is leucine and a while back someone posted some massive article about protein and leucine and timing taking it and so on. There was something (hazy on the details now) about taking leucine by itself being better than taking all the BCAAs at once under some circumstance

Water Cooler / Re: Core RECommit
« on: January 18, 2018, 07:16:26 PM »

Good link both for the video, and just in general. That guy is Layne Norton, PhD in nutrition and power lifting national champ in the 93kg division... I think he probably knows something about nutrition and muscle building

Water Cooler / Re: Core RECommit
« on: January 18, 2018, 07:07:56 PM »
read a few places that BCAA's does not really make a difference

There were some early Japanese studies saying that BCAAs during exercise (especially endurance type of exercise) helps prevent breaking down muscle tissue [update: but now it appears mostly a cognitive effect - see quotes]. I think from what I've read, the current wisdom is "it depends" and, in particular, it depends on how your current balance of BCAAs is. Same with creatine. If you are chowing down on red meat every breakfast, lunch and dinner, adding creatine supplements won't change anything. If you're a vegetarian, it could be huge (which is why I just bought some creatine for the first time in several years).

If I don't feel like going deep into a topic, but want vetted info, I always just start with Examine

The table near the top of every article that gives level of evidence, level of effect and level of consistency within research is a great starting point for the BS detector.

For trials that are prolonged and involve outdoor activities (skiing, hiking, sailing), supplementation of BCAAs in high doses (usually above 50g taken over multiple hours) appears to reduce physical and mental fatigue by a small amount.

Researchers examining BCAA supplementation during a marathon noted benefits to performance only in the slower runners and not in the faster runners (although antifatigue effects were noted in both groups given BCAAs as assessed via Stroop test)[134] while a test in 'active healthy males' (no indication of having a training status) noted a 17.2% increased time to exhaustion in cycling with 300mg/kg BCAA supplementation.[78]

Water Cooler / Re: Hello
« on: January 18, 2018, 06:57:24 PM »
Great to be back everyone! And yes, that Marcela!

I have such an awful memory for faces. I wish we had gotten a photo of that crew at that dinner. Glad you came though (and all the others)... but it did end up being just a little too big to talk to everyone.

I was doing things with Selenium IDE that needed a few hundred steps and had multiple user login/logout actions. But it looks like even the Personal edition would handle that. I don't know what it was that needed Pro.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder... I have a couple ideas revived.

I think the main thing is that I wanted scripts to run at given times (i.e. that did not require a computer to be running), which Selenium (not Selenium IDE) can do.

iMacros might work for you.

That's the one I was trying to remember. And now I remember the problem was I needed a feature of the Pro version, which is $500, but there is a personal edition for $99 and a free version for the simplest tasks.

Most of the ones I come across these days are pricey. There's one, I'm blanking on the name, that's $500 is $300/month

I've used Selenium IDE a bit. It's mostly a testing tool, but it will log you in and do various things, but saving the data is the problem there.

I've had mixed results with pulling HTML/XML into Google sheets (often chokes, or goes bad if a minor thing on the page changes). I've never tried to pull search results. But that's the idea here

This (which I've never heard of, but which was linked on the web page of a now outdated tool) is $14/mo... might be an option

Water Cooler / Re: Hello
« on: January 17, 2018, 03:44:26 PM »
Marcela who joined us for dinner with Frank and Jake and all? Er... all except some Raz anyway.

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