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Water Cooler / Re: The other virus that worries Asia
« on: Today at 12:20:45 AM »
You know... I was making my list of worries above and I almost mentioned that geoengineering could essentially be weaponized either on purpose (i.e. I change your climate specifically to hurt you) or accidentally (i.e. I change your climate because it helps me and I don't give a damn what happens to you).

But I was trying not to sound alarmist. 

Geoengineering is coming one way or the other. Some of the methods are quite cheap and it's just a matter of time until some nation that is suffering the ill effects of global warming dumps a bunch of iron in the ocean (though recent studies suggest that might not work anyway[1]) or spraying calcium carbonate into the atmosphere or what have you. The costs compared to, say, the collapse of your economy (which in China would surely mean the collapse of the regime) are relatively small.


Water Cooler / Re: The other virus that worries Asia
« on: January 15, 2021, 11:09:30 PM »
>>block the sun

Well, that's a whole can of worms and still so controversial in climate action circles. For the longest time, people refused to consider it because it creates moral hazard. If the tech exists to cool the planet, why not just burn as much fossil fuel as you want?

So on the "anti" side they say:

1. It creates moral hazard.

2. It could have catastrophic side effects or turn out to be much harder to "tune" than believed.

3. Once developed, it poses all manner of justice issues. Some regions are already benefiting from global warming - farming keeps moving north in Canada. So who gets to decide that it's okay to put those farmers out of business?

On the flip side, the people in favor of intentional geoengineering argue a few things:

1. Exxon and BP and you and me have been allowed to geo-engineer for decades with impunity. Everyone is allowed to engage in almost any action that *causes* global warming, but suddenly it's forbidden when people want to engage in an action to stop it.

2. The hour is getting late and we're not doing well. If we're going to avert the worst, we need bridge technologies to stave off collapse while we get our sh## together.

3. Even if we don't use it, we should research it so if we *do* need to use it, we know how.

Water Cooler / The other virus that worries Asia
« on: January 15, 2021, 07:21:24 PM »
I was getting concerned that people might not have enough anxiety and worry, so just to make sure your stores are topped up...

"The death rate for Nipah virus is up to 75% and it has no vaccine. While the world focuses on Covid-19, scientists are working hard to ensure it doesn't cause the next pandemic."

The backyard neighbor's SIL works tracking down and banning counterfeits from Amazon. I haven't asked how big the department is, but I always had the impression it was a big operation. On the other hand, given the size of Amazon, the department could be huge and still be unable to catch 99% of the fakes

Economics & Investing / Re: Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drug Company
« on: January 14, 2021, 05:07:52 PM »
But Cuban is not trying to be a pharmacy. He's trying to be a drug manufacturer. And based on what he said, he's trying to compete in areas where he thinks drugs are wildly overpriced.

Though he didn't come right out and say it, I had the impression that he imagines this roughly as a non-profit. I had the feeling that if this business went broke because everyone had to lower prices to match him, he would consider that a success (as long as they stayed low).

Economics & Investing / Re: Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drug Company
« on: January 14, 2021, 02:55:12 AM »
I heard an interview with him about this. In some cases, the prices will be on the order of 10% of current prices

Traffic / Re: No politics. No religion.
« on: January 14, 2021, 12:22:27 AM »
Also, I said "bot" but it was likely written by an actual human

Even so, I thought they would be cutting and pasting basic talking points and phrases would get repeated. But I guess this page wasn't indexed yet either so maybe it just hasn't hit yet.

Traffic / Re: No politics. No religion.
« on: January 13, 2021, 08:07:56 PM »
It's quite good aside from the username. If you do a quoted search for "I hate the hypocrisy presented by the media and the left" and "work for the goverment when Biden" you get zero results.

I tried several fairly short strings and couldn't even find spun versions like you would expect with an old-school keyword substitution spinner.

LM - how many spam registrations do you have to deal with on this site? I've seen WP and Drupal sites that have little traffic and get a couple thousand per month, especially if the site owner has not been good about keeping up on patches.

electric-propelled pallet called the [Bright Drop] EP1

“We expect U.S. residential deliveries to reach 100 million packages a day by 2023, which is three years earlier than previously estimated,” Smith said. “Our need for reliable, sustainable transportation has never been more important. BrightDrop is a perfect example of the innovations we’re adopting to continue to transform our company.”

Sometimes I think 1 million of those are coming to our house.

One thing that occurs to me is that right now all kinds of people who get those prepared meals and who shop with Omaha Steaks and Good Eggs and whatnot are essentially getting individual coolers delivered all the time now.

This is shifting the responsibility for ensuring the cold chain from the merchant to the delivery system.

These are the standard in the park

To be approved, they need to be tested by grizzly bears and get the IGBC approval and, sometimes other approvals

Realistically, though, most people need to worry more about things like raccoons, skunks, porcupines... all the usual garbage predators.

Doesn't look very bear resistant. They'll have to work on the rural version.

It all reminds me...

We had an insulated box at the back door where the milkman and the eggman delivered their goods. Of course, the stuff still froze in the winter if you didn't get it quickly.

The milkman I don't really remember. The eggman was Mr Weatherby who had a farm just down the road. All I remember about the milkman is that one day the dog got out and she turned out to be the most docile, friendly golden retriever in the world and he admitted that for years he was afraid, based on her bark, that if that dog ever got out, he would be a goner. I think there's a metaphor about that.

It's funny how much and how little those two delivery systems have in common. It's like two completely different worlds with a few strange points of overlap.

This is why it was so important for Google to win the browser war. If Microsoft had thought to add ad blocking and such back when it controlled 95% of the browser market in 2004, we might be looking at a very different landscape.

And I'm going to keep being annoying and insist that we stop calling them tech giants and refer to them as advertising giants or giant ad platforms or attention brokers. If they were selling technology, this wouldn't actually hurt them. It hurts them because they are selling attention.

I used to be anti-Apple, seeing it as a closed, proprietary system that used that lockout/lockin to justify exorbitant prices. I still see it that way, but now that they are using that extreme control to do this, I've become more of a fan. I even have an iPhone (okay, so it's an iPhone 6s that I got for free, but it's still very cool... trust me).

Hardware & Technology / Re: Nio ev claims range of 625 miles.
« on: January 12, 2021, 02:59:30 AM »
>>150 kilowatt-hour battery pack

That is TEN Tesla Powerwalls. That's 1) amazing and 2) probably heavy and large

A Powerwall is $6500, but since every single one has a built-in inverter and other electronics, only a portion of that is battery cost.

Hardware & Technology / Re: Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer
« on: January 11, 2021, 01:28:22 AM »
Is 8gb going to be enough?

Can you go higher? I thought they topped out at 8GB

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