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Water Cooler / Covid 19 interesting data from the UK
« on: May 24, 2020, 04:58:05 AM »

Still trying to get my head round some of this.

Healthcare workers, including those with jobs such as doctors and nurses, were not found to have higher rates of death involving COVID-19 when compared with the rate among those whose death involved COVID-19 of the same age and sex in the general population.


A total of 2,494 deaths involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the working age population (those aged 20 to 64 years) of England and Wales were registered up to and including 20 April 2020.
I think we were over 30,000 total on the 20th. april.

Water Cooler / Strain development of covid-19.
« on: April 20, 2020, 07:47:23 AM »
My understanding is that as these sorts of virus's mutate they do tend to get weaker.

There is I believe still one main strain of the virus, but I thought it worth having a separate thread to chart the development of strains.
There is a bit here on the New Scientist. Generally a reliable source:

There was a post but I cannot find it about there being 3 strains, A B and C, if anyone can remember it please post it.

Water Cooler / Ebola drug might cure Covid 19
« on: April 17, 2020, 01:22:45 PM »
Remdesivir is an antiviral medication; a nucleotide analog, specifically an adenosine analogue, which inserts into viral RNA chains, causing their premature termination. It is being studied during 2020 as a possible post-infection treatment for COVID-19 illness.

Put the markets in a better mood.

Water Cooler / Coronavirus Reports from Expats Around the World
« on: April 13, 2020, 04:10:15 PM »
Thought you folks might be interested in pages from this:

A scatter gun view of personal views from around the world, in English.

Water Cooler / 2 week incubation or is it?
« on: April 09, 2020, 08:23:45 AM »
We have been in lock down for 2 1/2 weeks in the UK now, so barring some of the obvious early problems on tubes and in the parks, we should by my calculations bee seeing a drop off in the number of cases. 

Deaths will fall off a bit later.

But we are not. 

Have the experts got the 2 weeks (av 11.5 days in one study) wrong, or is something else going on.  If its the same in another week, and cases are still going up, then what then?   

China thinks we have not locked down hard enough.
COVID-19 twice as contagious as previously thought – CDC study | ThinkPol

I hope the experts are right and the numbers are dropping.  If anyone finds anything about the incubation period, let me know please, its worrying me.

Marketing / Ecommerce has 18 months to revolutionise shopping
« on: April 08, 2020, 04:46:20 PM »

With stores closed and self-isolating shoppers staying away, ecommerce is a necessity for most of us during the current crisis. And there’s little relief in sight. Influential Imperial College London (ICL) research suggests the public is facing an 18-month period of staggered quarantine.

The ICL data, which is being relied upon heavily by both US and UK governments, says the public can expect a year and a half of being placed in and out of quarantine multiple times to avoid dangerous Covid-19 infection spikes that could swamp health services.

This is a potentially disastrous scenario for retail in general, but the team from ROI Hunter suggest it may not be all bad news for the ecommerce sector.

Water Cooler / Your NHS Needs You’ – NHS Call For Volunteer Army
« on: March 25, 2020, 10:12:10 AM »

To save you clicking through.

The NHS is “rallying the troops” for the war on coronavirus, with volunteers being called up to help vulnerable people stay safe and well at home.

The nation is looking for up to 250,000 volunteers to help up to 1.5 million people who have been asked to shield themselves from coronavirus because of underlying health conditions.

Members of the public can sign up quickly and easily at to become NHS Volunteer Responders, and can be called on to do simple but vital tasks such as:

– delivering medicines from pharmacies;

– driving patients to appointments;

– bringing them home from hospital;

– or making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home.

NHS Volunteer Responders is not intended to replace local groups helping their vulnerable neighbours but is an additional service provided by the NHS.

GPs, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, NHS 111 advisers and social care staff will all be able to request help for their at-risk patients via a call centre run by the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS), who will match people who need help with volunteers who live near to them. Some charities will also be able to refer people to the service.

Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and NHS Director of Primary Care, said: “Coronavirus is the biggest challenge we have ever faced, which is why we’re rallying the troops and telling the public: your NHS needs you.

“Across the country people are playing their part in the fight against the virus by staying home for the next 12 weeks, to protect themselves, others and the NHS.

“But many of those shielding will need our support to do that, and by signing up to be an NHS Volunteer Responder, people who are well can do their bit too.

“This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments where a single action from one person can be the difference between life and death for another, and simple acts of kindness are going to make all the difference in keeping some of the most vulnerable people well and out of hospital.

“NHS staff are pulling out all the stops to ensure those who need care receive it, and creating a bank of helpers that they can call upon to support their most vulnerable patients through this difficult time is going to be invaluable, so I would urge anyone who can to sign up as an NHS Volunteer Responder today.”

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said: “In these extraordinary times, it’s essential that we all pull together as part of the national effort to protect the most vulnerable, reduce pressures on our NHS and care system and save lives.

“If you are well and able to do so safely, I would urge you to sign up today to help the most vulnerable people in our communities as an NHS Volunteer Responder.

“Your help has the potential to make a real difference to some of those most affected by this outbreak – from delivering essential prescriptions to calling to check on the wellbeing of those self-isolating.

“I am immensely proud of how the whole country is coming together to help one another – we must continue to listen to and live by the latest medical and scientific advice and through this national effort we can truly make a difference.”

Working with the RVS and the GoodSAM app – a digital tool to help people offer their services to people in need – the NHS is recruiting people who are feeling well to help with simple but crucial health tasks.

Catherine Johnstone CBE, Chief Executive, RVS, said: “Human compassion comes to the fore at times of great crisis. We saw that when Royal Voluntary Service was first founded during the outbreak of WW2 when a million women stepped forward to help those in need.

“Since then our volunteers have continued to provide vital support in hospitals and in communities; helping people get back on their feet after a personal crisis. In 2020 we find ourselves once again facing a daunting national challenge.  We are proud to support the NHS at this important moment and we are certain many thousands of people will selflessly step up to play their part.”

All volunteers joining the NHS scheme will need to undertake training and background checks that are appropriate to the roles that they sign up for. All volunteers registering on the app will need to upload identity documents, driving license (for any driving related tasks), confirmation that they have insurance (if applicable) and any other role-related information.

People can become an NHS Volunteer Responder and join the NHS’s trusted list of volunteers by visiting and adding their details to the NHS section.

Dr Mark Wilson, GoodSAM co-founder, said: “GoodSAM has been saving lives through technology for five years by crowdsourcing resuscitation in cardiac arrest. We are hugely proud to now also be crowdsourcing volunteers to help those in need at this time of national crisis.”

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden, said: “Our army of dedicated volunteers is already getting ready to play a crucial part in the coronavirus response.

“GoodSam is a great way to connect those volunteers with people in need quickly and safely. I urge those of you who can to register today, support our NHS and help vulnerable people shielding at home.”

Water Cooler / Viral load.
« on: March 23, 2020, 09:30:44 AM »
Trying to debunk (I think ) a theory going about.  TLTR is that the more people you pick the virus up from, the worse your illness.

This is worth a read. It’s come from a consultant in the Midlands x

Why do we need to shut places where people group?

Remember this: VIRAL LOAD

There will be a lot about this. Why is it important?

With this virus, the amount of virus in your blood at first infection directly relates to the severity of the illness you will suffer. This isn’t unusual - HIV management is all about reducing viral load to keep people alive longer. BUT it’s very important in COVID-19.

So if you are in, say, a pub or religious building or entertainment venue with 200 people and a large number don’t have symptoms but are shedding, you are breathing in lots of droplets per minute and absorbing a high load of the virus. In a crowded space. They become ill over the next 48 hours. You then three days later wonder why you can’t breathe and end up in hospital. You’d decided because you were young and healthy it wasn’t going to be a problem. Wrong.

Fortunately but unfortunately because the elderly are isolating quite well, the initial UK data suggests that all age groups above 20 are almost equally represented in ITUs in England. Most of the cases are in London but the wave is moving outwards.

This means that being under 60 and fit and well doesn’t seem to be as protective as we thought. Why? Viral load.

This may be skewed simply by the fact that too many Londoners didn’t do as asked and congregated in large groups in confined spaces and got a large initial viral load. They then went home and infected their wider families. Which is why, as London is overwhelmed, we need to shut everything down to save the rest of the UK. We are a week at most behind London.

Our sympathies go out to the families affected in London and the critical care teams battling right now to save as many as they can.

If I sit with one person and catch this virus, I get a small viral load. My immune system will start to fight it and by the time the virus starts replicating, I’m ready to kill it.

No medicines will help this process meaningfully hence there is no “cure” for this virus. All we can do is support you with a ventilator and hope your immune system can catch up fast enough.

If I sit in the same room with six people, all shedding I get six times the initial dose. The rise in viral load is faster than my immune system can cope with and it is overrun. I then become critically ill and need me (or someone of my specialty) to fix it instead of just being at home and being ok in the end.


If you are a large family group, remember that by being ill and in the same room, you will make each other ill or “more ill”. If you get sick, isolate just yourself to one room and stay there. Don’t all sit in one room coughing. You will increase the viral load for all of you, reducing your survival rate.

A family of six people may produce double the droplets of a family of three in the same space. Maths is important.

If one of you is symptomatic, assume you are all shedding and make sure you keep some space.

Parents are getting it from their kids because no one is going to stop comforting their child (nor should they) so the parent gets a big hit as well as the child. I don’t think that can be helped.


It could save your life or your child’s.

Coventry and Warwickshire - it’s up to you now. We are preparing for the worst but we are hoping for the best from you. Please help us to help you. Stay home and take this seriously now before we need the army on the streets to remind you. Yes I’m serious.


I think I am right in saying that the higher the viral load, the worse the impact on the individual, (suggested in the Lancet).  But the number of people that infect you?  not seeing it.

Marketing / Ecom in a Pandemic
« on: March 18, 2020, 01:28:14 PM »
Just thought some of you might be interested.  I am sure I am not alone here.

Yesterday we had no orders. Now I cannot remember the last time that happened.  I thin it was on a Christmas day soon after Google had kicked up out (2012 perhaps).

Obviously with everyone working from home, a work suit is not high priority.  Weddings are being cancelled, and people are sitting in theit pants to work, if they have work to do.

I went to look at my Adwords spend, and one campaign (And this seems typical cross them all)  has gone from a spend of £75 per day to £14 for yesterday. same on Bing, £30 to £4,70.

No Amazon orders....  I don't sell loo roll.

Water Cooler / Ozone: A powerful weapon to combat COVID-19 outbreak
« on: March 12, 2020, 05:04:39 PM »
no idea how reliable this is:

But I had a coffee with a chap selling these to care homes a couple of years ago.  It gets ride of the smell of wee, and cleans the room.

I have no idea what concentration is needed, but I found this too:
A method of sterilizing a closed environment is provided in which an ozone generator is placed into the closed environment; it then generates ozone to a predetermined ozone concentration and increases the humidity of the closed environment. The ozone concentration is maintained at the predetermined ozone concentration for a predetermined period of time, and after the period of time has expired, the ozone is depleted. When the ozone concentration is reduced to a predetermined safe level, the ozone generator signals.

Bought this:

Actually bought that in haste, as I dont know how much is needed. There are stronger ones that produce 5000mg/hr, but the docs seem to talk of parts per million for sterilisation.

A high-level aseptic environment must be maintained in bio-cleanrooms used for the manufacture of sterile products. In the past, formaldehyde gas was most commonly used to sterilize bio-cleanrooms, but due to strict residual limitations there has been a need to develop a less toxic alternative choice. The authors have developed a revolutionary new sterilization system using a high concentration of ozone gas and used this system to sterilize an actual bio-cleanroom. This system integrates the ozone gas generator with the air conditioning system by proper control. The design specifications for the system included an ozone gas concentration of 200 ppm or more, relative humidity of 80% or more, and a sterilizing time of 120 min. Blow vents and suction ports were placed to ensure a uniform airflow which would extend through the entire room during ozone gas sterilization. Tests regarding long-term material exposure to ozone gas were conducted when the system was introduced to distinguish usable and unusable materials. In an actually constructed cleanroom, simulations were used to predict the evenness of the diffusion of ozone gas concentration and relative humidity during ozone gas sterilization, and measurements of the actual indoor ozone gas concentration, temperature and relative humidity during sterilization revealed that the ozone concentration and relative humidity needed for sterilization had been achieved generally throughout the entire environment. In addition, the CT value (mg/m(3) (=ppm) × min) , derived by multiplying the ozone gas concentration during ozone gas sterilization by the sterilization time, was equal to or greater than the target value of 24 × 10(3) (ppm·min) . When the results of sterilization in a cleanroom were confirmed using a biological indicator (BI) , negative results were obtained at all measurement points, demonstrating that sterilization was being performed effectively in the actual factory at which the ozone gas sterilization system had been introduced.

Water Cooler / Return to Earth: Whistler Bike Park Kids Segment
« on: March 03, 2020, 01:32:05 PM »

bloody awesome skills... love the song sentiment too.

To celebrate the streaming release of Return to Earth for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Anthill films, Shimano and Trek are excited to share the highly acclaimed kids' segment from the film. Titled, "Time Wisely Spent” and filmed exclusively in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, the segment features young riders from Squamish and Whistler British Columbia between the ages of 10 and 15; Jakob Jewett, Max Wittenburg, Anthony Shelley, Mateo Quist, Dane Jewett, and Jackson Goldstone. With more and more kids spending less time outside, this segment is a powerful reminder that the bike can be one of the best ways to counter a worrying trend. We hope that it inspires kids of all ages to get outside and shred!

Water Cooler / amazon employees do not even get a pot to p##s in
« on: November 07, 2019, 09:27:10 AM »
OK I might be being unfair on Amazon, it might have been any number of delivery drivers who come down our road.  We know some of them quite well though, without sitting down and having a beer with them, some I am sure would never do this. 

So who was it who left a full water bottle on our lane, with a yellow liquid inside?

I know finding toilets can be difficult, and they do not really have the opportunity to ask if they can use the toilet of where they are delivering to. (some have over the years but I would feel awkward asking)

It is a new form of littering to us, and I am fairly sure I would rather he (or she) did it straight into a hedge, rather than in a bottle and then drop that on the road.

Furious!!!  (rant over)

Water Cooler / One Coin... anyone familiar with the story?
« on: November 01, 2019, 07:35:20 PM »
summary... its not actually a bitcoin, based on a mysql database... cough.

Estimated to have sold £15 billion. All that money has apparently dissipated.

Possibly the biggest scam in history.

The site is still up:

Water Cooler / Game changers.. on my watch list
« on: October 23, 2019, 04:02:13 PM »

Its been recommended by a niece.  Just wondering if there is anything I should know that the well read and researched of this forum might add.

I understand it is about how bad meat is for us...

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