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Marketplaces / Walmart's Pitch for E-Commerce Advertising
« on: April 19, 2021, 11:48:10 PM »
"dominated by Amazon, the No. 3 digital advertising platform behind Google and Facebook."

Water Cooler / Re: Corona Virus - Save Yourselves
« on: April 19, 2021, 10:40:07 PM »
Ontario: "Unless you have a 70% chance of surviving your intubation/resuscitation and ICU care you will be allowed to die. This is coming from Critical Care Services Ontario in the days ahead. We've all been put on notice."

Traffic / Google Searches for Male Enhancement Terms
« on: April 19, 2021, 10:00:40 PM »
Linking Evangelical Subculture and Phallically Insecure Masculinity Using Google Searches for Male Enhancement - Perry - - Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion - Wiley Online Library

Hardware & Technology / Re: Starlink Starts to Deliver on Its Promise
« on: April 19, 2021, 09:04:26 PM »

Water Cooler / UK has a garden gnome supply chain problem
« on: April 19, 2021, 09:01:54 PM »
Sell 'em if you've got 'em!

The UK Is Facing a Garden Gnome Shortage

Water Cooler / Re: Corona Virus - Save Yourselves
« on: April 19, 2021, 07:23:02 PM »

Non-stop cremations cast doubt on India's counting of COVID dead | Reuters

I'll add increasing urbanization -actually the flip side, lack of contact with nature-- to the list of causes. 

Traffic / Re: tool tapping into iPhone keyword suggestion data
« on: April 19, 2021, 03:53:47 PM »
>excited to have stumbled onto this forum!

Welcome.  Nice to have a new, seo-oriented member.

The forum is pretty old. Some of us have been together for 20+ years now, so forgive us if we sometimes communicate by grunts & nods.

Hardware & Technology / Re: The changed future after CV-19
« on: April 19, 2021, 02:48:31 PM »
Not sure if this will last, but for now...

>restaurants, pubs, kitchens

UK Survey shows public more aware of food safety since pandemic began | Food Safety News

Traffic / Re: Brave is Blocking Google FLoC tracking
« on: April 19, 2021, 02:05:35 AM »

>tax on miles

Buttegieg mentioned it as 'looking like a good solution' a couple of months ago and almost immediately got his a## handed to him.  He walked it back pretty quickly.

California and Massachusetts orders banning gas car sales by 2035 now seem relatively cautious.

The initiative would only kick in if the state approves a tax on miles traveled to help fund transportation infrastructure.

Governor Jay Inslee has yet to sign

Water Cooler / Re: I'm pretty tired of hearing about
« on: April 17, 2021, 06:18:13 PM »

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