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Web Development / Re: Musk offers to buy Twitter
« on: September 19, 2023, 10:16:05 PM »
From u/ThisCryptographer311 on Reddit: "Ah the ol “take something that used to be free for users and then make them pay for it” trick. Works every time."

Web Development / Re: Musk offers to buy Twitter
« on: September 19, 2023, 10:12:27 PM »
>This will be the end for me on Twitter.

>This will be the end for me on Twitter.

Water Cooler / Re: Sorry about the outage
« on: September 10, 2023, 08:33:51 PM »
Thanks for the hard work, littleman!

Hardware & Technology / Re: The changed future after CV-19
« on: September 10, 2023, 08:32:58 PM »
So, convert it to residential space?

"Cities can encourage more conversions with things like tax breaks and new zoning rules and governments just spending public money to make these conversions happen."

They absolutely should incentivize conversions to keep downtowns alive and thriving.

>govt patch

I'm with Debbie. Influential owners of expensive assets will lobby for protection. That'll be successful until it isn't... Step function-sized legislative changes after big disasters.

Does Debbie think this is the beginning of the end for coastal development? Or will "FEMA insurance" fill the unprofitable void?

Hardware & Technology / Re: Where's my damn robotic puppy?
« on: September 02, 2023, 07:43:38 PM »
>still too pricey

but already (much) cheaper than a real dog.

>Living in your own post apocalyptic neighborhood where your house is there

Reminds me of the hurricane-proof Mexico Beach house:

>Uber chief startled by US reporter’s expensive three-mile ride

Pair that with:

Uber is now a profitable, cash-generating machine

I didn't think they'd be profitable until robotaxis took over.

side note: The gig economy subredits are full of screenshots showing Uber and other apps keeping more than half the ride fee. Oof!

Water Cooler / Re: Under the Influence - Podcast Recommendation
« on: August 05, 2023, 04:46:21 PM »
Looks like it'd be right up my alley. Followed!

Water Cooler / Re: EV tidbits
« on: August 01, 2023, 09:07:14 PM »
Chevy Bolt is returning.

"Why? Here’s likely a big reason. “Eighty percent of Bolt owners are staying loyal to Chevy and nearly 70 percent of buyers who are trading in a vehicle for Bolt are trading in a non-GM product,” GM said this week."

At 745 miles per charge and 10 minute recharge, I'm in.

To Torben's point... I wonder if capacitor tech will become important?

>Is there a driver that can override things?
No, but there is a physical "end ride" button on Cruise cars.

>have about as much situational awareness as a blind toddler.
I had the opposite experience in ATX, thankfully.

>why you would do your testing in huge urban areas
SF and AUS are densely concentrated with VC's, investors, developer talent, and technophiles willing to try new technology. Also, challenging driving environments.

I do see the stories about enraged human drivers. I view robotaxis as student drivers, or chauffeurs in training. Soon they'll be better than humans. They'll help us stay active later in life. Traffic accidents and fatalities will decrease. Hopefully they'll network together and get everyone to their destination faster.

The potential upside heavily outweighs the downside, imo.

The adoption of charge by mile will correlate closely with the adoption of self-driving vehicles, IMO.

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