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The battery cell cost is apparently the biggest factor that pushes the cost of the platform higher and Tesla claims to be leading the industry on that front.

According to the report, Audi and Porsche could delay the PPE in order to improve the cost and be competitive with Tesla.

This is a reality check for legacy vehicle manufacturers. About 2 months ago, I saw a statement by VW's chairman-- nevermind, found it.
VW's chairman says even small electric cars aren't going to be cheap — Quartz

Water Cooler / 288 million sq ft
« on: February 10, 2019, 12:59:35 PM »


I've read in the past that a large number of families use their tax refund as a forced savings account. Add to that the more recent reports  finding that 40% of the nation can't scrape up $400 in an emergency and you've got a recipe for a potentially massive downturn in consumer sentiment and spending. Hence, this post under "Recession."

Uh-oh, average 2018 tax refund $$ is down over 8%. 

Filing Season Statistics for Week Ending February 1, 2019 | Internal Revenue Service

So, how many machinists, welders, and assembly crew did this replace?

Take a look at the world's largest 3D-printed rocket engine

>people who benefit

Someone here posted a link about what execs were saying publicly vs candidly re employment at Davos.  In short, there is no room for altruism on your balance sheet.  To paraphrase Bezos; then their margin is a competitor's opportunity. 



Saw this a couple of days ago.

The Rise of the Robot Reporter - The New York Times


Good one! A friend just commented yesterday that her town's Walmart Supercenter had expanded self-checkout and cut the number of cashiers to 6.

A typical long distance operator work room this one is Dallas Tx, and had over 160 positons  *Poof* Gone decades ago.

It's not a future problem. We've just not been keeping count as it nibbled away at the edges.  We're alarmed now because we can easily foresee it reaching critical mass very soon.  I like to use toll booths as an example.

When I was a kid, you couldn't get up to speed on the Jersey Turnpike because the damn (seemingly) back-to-back walls of toll booths with 2 (high-paid, union) men sitting in each one raking in the quarters. 

The first automatic tolls collection station went into service this month in 1954. It was installed at the Union Toll Plaza on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway.

How many humans do you see manning the toll barriers nowadays?

Worse, she's an economist.

Water Cooler / Tesla Model Y is a coupe
« on: February 06, 2019, 03:50:18 PM »
They can market it as an suv all they want, it's still a coupe.

Tesla Model Y tooling confirmed for 2020 production start at Nevada Gigafactory

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