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Traffic / Re: Amazon Seo Tips & Tricks in 2018
« Last post by timbox on Today at 06:51:15 AM »
We only heard about how to rank on Google by doing search engine optimization. But Google is not only the place where you can rank, Amazon is one of them where sellers tried to rand their products on the first page of product listing. Similar to Google seo, the sellers need to optimize their listing based on amazon a9 algorithm to rank higher.
Here are some tips for you to rank higher on Amazon check out this link:
Traffic / Amazon Seo Tips & Tricks in 2018
« Last post by timbox on Today at 06:42:40 AM »
How to Optimize listing for Amazon A9 Algorithm
Marketing / Re: Amazon Search and PPC - ranking factors and user behavior
« Last post by timbox on Today at 06:33:30 AM »
For Powerful & Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies check out this article
Water Cooler / Re: And now their stealing... bees
« Last post by rcjordan on Today at 02:56:11 AM »
Stolen church roof '400k to replace' - BBC News
my old roommate mentioned when he was in college he mutated switchgrass seed genetics using radio waves & if that impact can be had on the seeds there's also likely a significant impact on humans, but he said a few years back there's no money to pay for the research. all the money is going for a permanently connected & distracted life with an ever-present cell phone. glad to see someone is researching it. :)
Marketing / Re: (US) March of the Non-White Babies
« Last post by aaron on Today at 01:32:45 AM »
#2 high cost of living
massive money printing that flowed into juicing financial asset prices & the cost of living while offshoring, automation & semi-formal jobs destroy the ability of labor to keep up with inflation almost guaranteed large segments of the population would go on the doll rather than struggle to try to make the numbers work. the opioid epidemic is all about a lack of hope.

there are unemployed people who are on disability for being drug abusers who while not having a job have no time for exercise either & then are getting weight loss surgeries & other such benies. then the cost of that stuff (along with the endless middle east wars) gets rolled across to productive members of society either through inflation or taxes. and then the self-employed person paying a grand a month or more for a garbage health insurance policy they don't even want is heavily squeezed.

The primary roll of Obamacare was a wealth transfer scheme from young & healthier people to older & unhealthy people. The problem is many of those young people came into the labor force after it was horribly damaged from the recession (lower incomes) AND more part time gig jobs (no benefits / the health insurance costs are out of pocket AND are carrying student loan debt (higher costs) AND now find asset prices priced nearly for perfection (a second subsidy to older & wealthier people further up the career, income & savings ladder).
Two of the major assumptions in economic theory are that people seek their own self-interest and that they are rational actors.  Neither of those assumptions are true for most people.
The other issue that is missed with those above assumptions is we anchor our perception of the near future based on the recent past (pro-cyclical bias in both directions) AND our behavior is path dependent. A bank with a million loans on their books can have some of them go bad & still be fine, but if at any point an individual family is bankrupt they don't get an easy way to work their way around it as part of a portfolio or such. And they don't get the bailouts the big banks got.

And then there is the sanctity of contracts, and an attempt at (reasonably) enforcing justice equally which have both went in the trash.

The federal government requiring AIG to not sue Goldman Sachs for their fraud to receive a bailout that would in part flow through to Goldman Sachs at 100 cents on the dollar.

The Eric Holder memo about the impracticality of going after large criminal racketeers in the finance market guaranteed high finance learned nothing other than the wonders of socializing losses from the global recession they caused & were made whole on at the expense of the rest of society.

Even as recent as the past few years Wells Fargo was making millions of fake customer accounts, charging fees against them, and then sending people to collections for non-activity fees on an account the customer never even wanted, opened, or knew about until they started getting collections notices in the mail.

The shifting of the capital structure on the GM bailout where senior bondholders at the loss while some inferior positions on the capital structure were made whole.

The ever-changing online terms of service, forced bundling, offshoring coupled with non-competes for domestic employees & gag clauses in layoffs, etc.

There's basically no transparency in healthcare pricing.
Hardware & Technology / WebPerl | Run Perl in the browser
« Last post by rcjordan on October 21, 2018, 11:50:17 PM »
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