Author Topic: Scientists extract an alarming stat about the amount of news Americans consume  (Read 659 times)


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Very good read. Great chart at the end too.

The one place I would push back is that percentages do not tell the story.
Of the daily news people do consume, less than one percent or 0.15 PERCENT CAN BE CONSIDERED DELIBERATELY FALSE OR MISLEADING, the study says.

True, but WHAT 0.15 percent? What type of stories, and who is being targeted? I think the effect is much bigger than the quantity. A huge amount of "news" people read just relates to sports teams, entertainment and celebrities.

When you get a substantial number of people to read a scary, threatening fake news stories that appeals to their basic biases, it has a ripple effect. I have had more than one person in this town tell me that the Clinton's have personally murdered, with their own hands, at least 12 people, not counting the people they ordered killed.

Recently there was a fake news story about fines for using too much water aimed at people who in general are anti-government. They were completely outraged and riled up by it.