Author Topic: An interview with a molecular biologist regarding pharmaceutical corruption.  (Read 1007 times)


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I'm listing my thoughts here, i don't think they are resounding truths.

The problem is, is that we all believe governments want the best for us, the timeline of legislation proves otherwise.

They don't want the best for us, currency talks so, perfectly logically, big business now 'guides' government and they happen to want the most efficient version of a civilian, according to their model, not a natural human, but a perfect worker.

We really are the slowly-boiled frogs, or toads, or who cares as long as they're docile.

I'm neither a capitalist nor a communist but my life has been capitalism, and it is a system that eats it's own tail in it's current version, i'm getting grandiose now, it's the wine, but we do eat our own tails.

Stoping ranting now, the wine is taking over the fingers!
Civilisation is a race between disaster and education ...