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Re: Elio Motors
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2017, 11:58:20 AM »

We're going to see a lot of fully-enclosed 3-wheelers in the emerging EV market because of the legislative groundwork that Elio has done.  The big issue isn't helmets, though. It's the skirting of impact-resistance (5mph bumper laws), crumple zones, and air bags.

From Elio newsletter:

"From a legislative standpoint, our vehicle was sometimes difficult to classify. As you probably know, any vehicle with less than 4 wheels, as defined by the federal government, cannot be classified as a car. Our vehicle has three wheels, an enclosed cab, automotive controls, and a safety management system, which places us in a unique position between a “car” and a motorcycle. We have worked with many state legislatures and showed that Elio Motors drivers should not have to wear a helmet. We made a commitment, since our inception, that we would have no issues with helmet laws in any state. Well, by going state-by-state, the final state has fallen and now there are no helmet restrictions to drive an Elio for drivers over the age of 21 anywhere in the USA!"

NOT the Elio:
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