Author Topic: How Minneapolis Freed Itself From the Stranglehold of Single-Family Homes  (Read 286 times)


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Thanks in part to activists like Flisrand and Edwards, Minneapolis just did away with the rules that gave single-family homes a stranglehold on nearly three-quarters of the city

Then there's this misguided quote:

In other cities, NIMBYs—conservative “Not In My Back Yard” defenders of suburban-style living—often make alliances with left-wing critics of gentrification to choke off new supply.

They clearly don't know the Bay Area, where it is only very recently that "low density development" ceased to be a liberal cause celebre. Of course, it is "conservative" in the etymological sense of the word, but not really a right/left issue as I see it. It's a haves/have nots issue.


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High density housing has its place, as long as the infrastructure is there to support it.  For the most part we aren't seeing that here in the Bay Area.