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Any recommended IE browser testers?

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Have an issue with an unknown version of IE that I can't replicate, all of the free online ones are not showing the fault on any of the IE versions. Do you guys recommend a program or site you would recommend before I build a virtual machine to test?

*rubs head*

You're testing.  For an issue.  With Internet Explorer.


Help me understand.

I used to use Spoon, which is now turbo.net, but honestly, these days browsers auto-update so fast, I don't usually pay that much attention to outdated versions


I've used this, but have not for a very, very long time needed a monthly subscription for this type of thing. But IIR it works

Thanks ergophobe I will look into those.

Grindone -  some of my customers are not able to add to cart on IE, now I don't know what version they are using (it was hard enough to find out what browser). I can't replicate the issue so I need to find a way to do this to make sure it is fixed as I only find out when someone calls to tell me and pay over the phone. I need to be able to support older browsers as I am dealing with large corporations and government/healthcare bodies that, as we know, can be working off old systems.

Is there a URL and steps you can PM me?

I've got a VMware ESXi setup with every IE from IE5. Happy to help if I can.


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