Author Topic: Rise of the Newsbots: AI-Generated News Websites Proliferating Online  (Read 1835 times)


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", a site that does not provide information about its ownership and was anonymously registered in May 2022, appears primarily to summarize or rewrite articles from CNN. "


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In the past, a number of searches I did kept throwing me to a "local" newspaper I had never heard of. Think San Antonio Post Times or Auburn Free Press. A bit of digging and they were overwhelmingly using similar templates, similar feeds without much real local news, and overwhelmingly right wing. Sort of like a very under-the-radar Sinclair "newspaper" network, without the actual paper.

I was surprised these spam sites could rank, but they did (haven't seen one for a while).

Which leads to my question - does rank for anything?

When I go there, I get the default WordPress wp-die-message.
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