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Condé Nast Traveler revamps its website and unveils 20 new city guides


No scarcity or exclusivity. Lousy domain.

sloooooooow as f###

There's so much JS running, I can't even type. (I got to "even" while it was still displaying "so much").  And it's still loading  and still blocking my typing in other tabs.

But check out the GTMetrix report
 - 23 second load
 - 72MB page
 - 425 requests

That is insane. RIP cntraveler.com

Classic example of when legacy 4-color-glossy print media goes to web.  They must assume that their brand will carry the day.  Trouble is, about half the under-40 demographic probably thinks Condé Nast is a Hispanic porn site. And the other half doesn't care.


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