Th3 Core
The Short Version!
You're not a kid!
Be Respectful!
Don't be an Idiot!
Don't steal stuff.
No Party Politics, Religion or Adult! Period!
Be responsible!

The Long Version!
You certify that you are 13 years of age or over or have obtained and supplied a release form from your parent(s)/guardian(s) in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA).

Be respectful to everyone and everything at all times.
Don't be vulgar, rude, inflammatory or the likes.
Don't reveal private information, especially member's formal identification, at any time.
Don't use the fora for dispute resolution, personal or business complaints.

Post only in English.
Be clear and succinct in your postings as some members may use English as their second language.
Adult themes, Religion and Politics are off limits and such posts will be removed. (Hint, re Adult, you can talk about how you promote your product without mentioning the actual product! Think about it.)

Don't post external copyright material in the fora.
Don't copy members' posts elsewhere without permission from the applicable member and an administrator.
Don't misappropriate business and/or domain names as member names without permission.
Remember, appropriate action will be taken if necessary.
You retain copyright and liability for your own posts.

Don't attempt to post unauthorized commercialization of products and/or services as they will be removed.

Respect the moderators who volunteer to help guide the discussions and members.
Moderators are free to express their own opinions which may or may not reflect those of the fora's operator(s)
Keep discussions about Moderators' Actions or the TERMS OF SERVICE private and off the fora. If you have a point to make, message a moderator.

By participating in these fora you accept responsibility for your own posts and agree to not hold the fora's operator(s) liable for any consequences of your participation.
You retain copyright and liability for your own posts.